Thursday, June 26, 2008

Everybody loves enemas!

According to the Associated Press, a spa in southern Russia has unveiled an 800-pound bronze statue of an enema syringe. Apparently, enemas are a common part of of the spa package in the area. The cherubs reverently hold the bulb syringe aloft. "An enema is almost the symbol of our region," the spa's director told the press.

No cash, time, or inclination to travel to Russia for pay homage to the enema? Well, now you can get your very own cute 'n' cuddly stuffed animal enema! Made by the company who brings you Fleet's enemas, the plush Eneman is guaranteed to make you view enemas in a more positive light! 


Scoob said...

Now THAT'S funny! I would have loved to have been in on that marketing meeting: "Wait a second! What if we made a cute little plush toy that looks like an enema!" "Oh yes! That's perfect, we'll sell millions!"


p.s. I'm diggin' the new blog Booty Nurse. Keep up the good work.

Kim said...

Aw, I have this little guy right now! He's so cute. I wrote to the company and actually got the calendar one year.

Nothing like Eneman on the slopes!

One ER doc I work with ordered so many that I told him if he ordered another one, he was next!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

It's worth going to Russia just to see that!

Nursing Dude said...

Eneman and Fleet are really funny!

Anastasia Beaverhousen said...

That is too funny. Can you imagine that in the states? Hahaha.

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